why buy 2nd hand furniture!
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I am a lover of new stuff but I love my surroundings even more. I don't want to compromise over the healthy atmosphere and the fresh habitat. This is the reason, whenever I want to make some changes in the outlook of my home, I prefer buying 2nd hand furniture. These are some of the reasons that prefer it;

  1. I don’t want to cut trees:

It takes almost 20 to 30 years for a tree to reach its full size. However, cutting them down to make oak furnishing will take just 20 to 30 minutes. Trees are resources of producing fresh air and keeping the habitat a happy place to live in. I cannot compromise on cutting them down for the sake of my hobbies.

  1. I Don’t Want to Make My surroundings Polluted:

When new furnishings are made, the oaks, woods, and timber go to many processes for shaping itself in the required manner. These chemicals are harmful to the atmosphere. They are damaging the ozone layer. I cannot compromise on adding such chemicals in the surrounding, just for the sake of my hobby.

These are the reason I prefer using 2nd hand furniture. Buying used furniture doesn’t mean lack of money but it means the abundance of awareness.

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